Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

is responsible for the billing and collection of student tuition, Federal Perkins Loans, and University Trust Fund Loans. In addition, Student Financial Services refunds students for surpluses on their student accounts, processes third party billing, and coordinates exit counseling.

We are currently working remotely. Our office hours are:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm 
email us at [email protected]
or leave a voice message at 218-726-8103.


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Federal Perkins Loans and University Trust Fund Loans are serviced by Student Financial Services Office.

Our Loan Servicer: (View your account, make an on-line payment, download forms)

Click on your Loan Program below for information on: Repayment, Deferment, Hardship Repayment Options, Forbearance, Military Deployment, Cancellations, Death or Disability Cancellation, Penalties, Collection Agents, Litigation, Withholding of Services and Loan Rehabilitation.

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