Inventory Management of Capital Equipment

UMD Inventory Services is responsible for locating, identifying, and marking all capital equipment items on the Duluth campus. The current capitalization level is $5,000. Other responsibilities include:

  • Updating the Asset Management module in EFS
  • Assisting in the proper disposition of equipment such as scrapping or the sale of items conducting equipment audits to comply with federal guidelines
  • Maintaining files of university property being used off campus
  • Coordinating with an outside contractor to take physical inventory every two years

Inventory Services must be notified of all transfers, sales, trade-ins, donations or disposal of all capital equipment items with or without University numbers.

Items such as computers, monitors, TVs and VCRs, copy machines, stereos, telephones and FAX machines, electronic laboratory and test equipment contain circuit boards, mercury switches, relays and tubes which are manufactured with materials considered to be hazardous and cannot be disposed of in general trash.

Contact Amy Sather at (218) 726-6965 for assistance in how to acquire, record, maintain and dispose of university equipment.

Campus wide physical inventory is done every two years by an outside contractor.