Fleet Rental Rates

The UMD Fleet Rental program was established in order to furnish the UMD community with an alternative source of transportation while traveling on University business. Rental rates take into account not only the variable costs of operation (fuel and maintenance), but also the fixed costs associated with the availability of these vehicles (such as insurance, parking fees, depreciation, salary support, etc.). Rates are reviewed annually for appropriateness on a break even basis. Rate increases are reviewed and approval requested through the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operation.

Daily Fees 2021 - 2022

5 hours or less $12
5 to 24 hours $18
Weekly (5 days) $72
Weekly (6 - 7 days) $80
Monthly (Minimum 1,200 - 1,400 miles)



Mileage Charges 2021 - 2022 

Sedans (Chevrolet Impala or Ford Fusion Hybrid) $0.27 per mile
7 Passenger Vans (Dodge Grand Caravan) $0.35 per mile


Other Charges 2021 - 2022

Insurance Deductible per billable accident $1,000
Non-Notification of Cancellation $10
Parking Violation (cost to have Controller's staff move car at request of Parking or Campus Police; all tickets are the responsibility of the renter) $10
Return with fuel tank NOT filled $10