Fleet Facts

By UMD Fleet Rental Program 

  • The UMD Fleet Rental program provides for the transportation needs for campus faculty, staff, and students while on official University business.
  • The fleet is operated as an Internal Service Organization (ISO), meaning that no O&M funds are utilized and rates must be justified and set to operate on a break-even basis.
  • The program currently operates 15 vehicles. The fleet is represented by 12 sedans and three minivans. There are 7 hybrid sedans that run on gasoline or electric and the rest of the fleet is made up of either E85 flex fuel vehicles or ones that utilize an Ecotech engine.
  • In FY2018, departments used fleet vehicles for 323,662 miles at a cost of approximately $124,000.
  • In comparison, the cost to reimburse employees for use of personal vehicles for this number of miles would have been $174,777 @ the average federal reimbursement rate of $0.54 per mile, saving UMD nearly $50,800.
  • Program rates are all-inclusive and include all fuel, insurance, maintenance, depreciation, supplies and staff costs.
  • Most of the maintenance on the UMD fleet is done on campus by our trained Facilities Management fleet maintenance crew. Maintenance work in FY2018 totaled $14,150 or just over $973 per vehicle. Annual inspections, required for licensing purposes, keep the fleet vehicles in top operating condition.
  • Fuel purchased for fleet vehicles was $24,265 in FY2018. That represents nearly 10,600 gallons at an average price of $2.27 per gallon. A Voyager Fuel card (as well as a UMD Bulldog Rewards Card) is provided for each fleet vehicle. The University saves on fuel charges through its exemption to the federal excise tax on gasoline. An amount equal to $0.185 per gallon is deducted from fuel charges before they even hit the fleet account.
  • The Fleet Rental Program provided 1,033 rentals in FY2018, a decrease of 2.5% over the previous year. The on-line reservation system is working well and customers appreciate the convenience of being able to pick up their vehicle right here on campus.
  • A convenient drop box for keys is located bye the rear entrance to the Darland Building for those returning vehicles after normal operating hours and keys can be picked up by 4 PM for any next day, early morning rentals.
  • The fleet is constantly kept up to date and fleet pricing is applied on all new purchases. Each year a quarter of the fleet is replaced. At the end of Spring Semester, a sealed bid sale is held in conjunction with Facilities Management to offer 3-4 vehicles to faculty, staff, students, or the general public. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact Fleet Reservations at 218-726-8292 or visit us in 209 DAdB.